Life Coach's Guide: The guide to success in professional life coaching and business coaching.


Attention Life Coaches:
Have you graduated from
coach training?

Congratulations! Now what?

You could run around, spending too much time and money trying to
figure out how to get your first few clients. Or you could have...

...the best kept coaching success secrets revealed to you in easy PROVEN steps that will effortlessly attract enough clients for life!

In less than one hour you'll learn
the blueprint to creating
a wildly prosperous coaching business that will
shave months or even years off your learning curve.


From the desk of Rhonda Hess
Niche Success Strategist
Boulder, CO

Monday morning

Okay so you've graduated (or soon will) from coach training school, but maybe you haven't taken the plunge yet. You're standing there with that flimsy piece of paper in hand (your graduation notice). Instead of celebrating, you feel like you're on the edge of a very high cliff. Some part of you is poking you in the back saying: "Jump, jump!" while another part of you says: "This is too scary. Just go back to your old job."

That's the sad story of too many life coaches.

Or maybe you've already jumped and are well on your way but you're stuck in overwhelm. Whatever your story, I know you're wondering if life coaching is a viable business. You'd like more clients. You'd like to find out what it's like to end each day feeling in control of your success.

What if instead of jumping off a cliff you could take just one step on solid ground. And then another. And then another...where each step is MAPPED OUT FOR YOU. That's what I'm talking about!

Stay with me, because such a roadmap exists. It's a joyful journey that leads you to being a TOP COACH.

Eleven years ago, I too was without a clue about how to launch a coaching business after I graduated from coach training. I scrambled around, trying all sorts of things and wondering where I could find clients. In fact, I was a bit peeved that the coach training schools made it sound like once I had my certificate, clients would line up to hire me.

So I did what my peers were doing, not realizing that it was like following lemmings off the cliff. I did some desperate things. Have you ever done this? Give your coaching away, even though you could have used the money?

I know that one. Those free clients never work out. When I did get a paying client I was so eager to please that I pushed too hard and they didn't stay around for long. Sure, they got value but not as much as they could because I was acting as if I was still in training. Instead of me helping them, they were doing me a favor!

The real issue was that I didn't know how to be a business owner. I didn't know how to value my services or time. I didn't know how to attract clients for life. I didn't act or sound as professional as I would have liked.

Friends and family would call and ask for favors, as if I had nothing else to do. I said 'yes' to way too many of them, because the truth is - I didn't think I was doing anything important. Reading emails and reorganizing my desk wasn't bringing new clients in. So I gave my precious time away to anyone and everyone as if I didn't have a coaching business to run.

I would cringe whenever anyone asked how many clients I had. I changed the subject as fast as I could. And later, felt bad about myself.

Every morning I'd stand in the doorway of my office, wondering what was the point? I had tried all sorts of things that took lots of time, energy and money, and had little to show for it. I dreaded going back to the corporate world I thought I'd left behind. There had to be a better way!


I can still remember when it all clicked into place. I can tell you, I didn't figure it out on my own. Modeling already successful coaches was what changed my mind, my methods and my experience. Just a few tweaks in my approach made the difference between constant struggling and having a steady flow of clients.

What changed? Well...for one thing, I never try to figure it all out by myself anymore. No more isolation.

In a nutshell, what I learned from top coaches is structure, focus and leverage.

After floundering around, structure was a godsend! I have a simple workable plan to follow. It's crystal clear how to arrange my schedule in time blocks and put boundaries around that time so I'm never distracted anymore.

So I could pinpoint my focus. I know who my clients are, where to find them, how to talk to them, how to get them to invest in their own success. I feel, sound and act professional. Prospects instantly respond to my offers. I don't have to convince anyone to hire me anymore!

And best of all, my time is freed up because I can now leverage every ounce of effort to get massive results. I don't waste energy. I have direction, a mission, and a purpose. I stay on track and watch my income soar!

It's such a relief! Before I was all over the place, without aim. Now...


You know all about how to coach. Now, with the help of The Life Coach's Guide you'll fill the holes in your knowledge about the business of coaching, with practical action steps provided by TOP COACHES who have traveled the road before you.

Let me show you, in 25 proven steps, how to make coaching into A VIABLE BUSINESS that's
fun and profitable.

Life Coach's Guide: the guide to success in professional life coaching and business coaching

With The Life Coach's Guide: 25 Proven, Fool-Proof Steps to Starting (and Filling!) Your Business you'll discover:

  • Who your ideal niche market is and how to find them, talk to them and effortlessly compel them to invest in your coaching.
  • How to name your coaching business and get web domain names that will help drive traffic to your website and solidify your business brand.
  • How to charge what you're worth, stick to your fees, and value your time highly so that your prospects not only don't blink about your fees, but they hire you and show up more keenly to your coaching.
  • How to fund the launch of your coaching business and be a smart money manager with a simple system.
  • Easy solutions to help you STAND OUT in a crowd. After all, if you look and sound like all the other coaches and service providers out there, no one will hire you. But if you know how to authentically engage your market with your unique message, your "people" will flock to you in droves.

Powerful Thinking: winning mindsets for professional life coaches and business coaches

And, if you ever feel panicked, I'll throw you a life-line back to CLARITY with tools that:

  • Break through resistance. Take the emergency brake off, ease your mind, and gain momentum while you enjoy yourself.
  • Leave scarcity thinking behind. Think and grow rich with a full practice of ideal clients and exciting coaching sessions.
  • Get your MONEY MANIFESTING MOJO working for you. Not only will you know the actions to take, I'll give you tools to get out of your own way and be your most powerful self!


This is the most useful how-to guide for Life Coaches on the market.

Lara Galloway

“I got into coaching because I love to coach--not because I wanted to start a business.”

Lara Galloway
The Mom Biz Coach
Take Aim Coaching, LLC

Click here to get the full story from Lara

The Life Coach's Guide is designed to take you from start-up to a viable, robust coaching business in 25 proven steps in as little as 60 days. Read each step, and let the worksheet guide you on your way to the next step and reliable, consistent, impressive results.

In this workbook, you'll find answers to these questions:

How do I find the time to develop my coaching business?

How much money will I have to invest before I reach profitability?

What's the best way to choose a coaching niche?

How high should I set my coaching fees?

How do I launch my website and ezine?

How can I attract a steady stream of ideal clients?

Where can I find other helpful resources?

And many more!

Recommended by Top Coaches
Who Have Been There

The Life Coach's Guide has been previewed and endorsed by two of the most successful coaches in the coaching industry today.

Will Craig is Founder and President of the world class coach training organization, Coach Training Alliance. Here's what Will has to say about The Life Coach's Guide:

You will quickly gain confidence in Rhonda, just as I did when we first met ten years ago. ?I am 100% confident that when you follow the guidance and leadership provided in The Life Coach's Guide you will produce amazing results for yourself and your clients.

- from the Foreword by Will Craig


Melanie Benson Strick, Million Dollar Lifestyle Business Coach and Virtual Team Building Expert, is an internationally renowned and widely honored coach to entrepreneurs. Melanie says:

What The Life Coach's Guide has in store for you is the perfect complement to what you learned in coach training - it's the guidebook I wish I had when I was struggling to fill my practice...Rhonda is not only a gifted coach but an amazing teacher.

- from the Foreword by Melanie Benson Strick

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Lara Galloway

The Life Coach's Guide is like a GPS for first time business owners.”

Denise Starrett
Your Inner Smile Coach

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This information is worth more than three months of mentor coaching. But I've created this easy to read and apply format in a streamlined guide with worksheets and bundled it for you for ONLY $29 (the introductory price).

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To Your Coaching Prosperity!

Rhonda Hess

P.S. One of the mistakes I made was waiting too long to find the best resources from experts. How long are you willing to wait for your coaching business to reward you with fun clients, meaningful experiences and a lucrative income? You shouldn't have to wait. You shouldn't have to beat the pavement for a few low paying clients and then start all over every month. I'll show you the magic formula to turn this uphill battle into a prosperous journey.

P.P.S. What one thing would do the most to bring a steady stream of clients to your coaching practice? Being visible and credible to them. I'll show you how. Get started now.

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The Life Coach's Guide:
25 PROVEN Fool-Proof Steps to Starting (and Filling!) Your Business


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